Table 2

Base-case scenario results from the discrete-event simulation model

EplerenoneStandard careDifferenceEplerenoneStandard careDifference
Other CV hospitalisations1.271.230.04As UK
HF hospitalisations1.321.60−0.28
Diagnosis of atrial fibrillation0.090.12−0.03
CV mortality0.710.77−0.05
Non-CV mortality0.080.060.02
Adverse events0.670.430.24
ICD or CRT0.590.460.13
Discontinuation of eplerenone0.420.42
Cost of CV hospitalisations£3236£3240−£4€5493€5478€15
Cost of HF hospitalisations£3888£4862−£973€3815€4748−€932
Cost of active treatment£3873£0£3873€7080€0€7080
Cost of concomitant treatment£1773*£1426£347€2371€1889€481
Cost of devices£3597*£3046£551€3641€3048€592
Cost of disease management and monitoring£3433*£2761£672€488€389€99
Cost of adverse events£137£108£30€465€443€22
Total cost£18 559£14 275£4284€23 353€15 995€7358
Total QALYs6.194.981.226.535.201.33
Total life years7.746.231.528.186.521.66
Cost per life year gained£2825€4431
  • *While the rate of use of devices, management and monitoring, and concomitant treatment requirements is either the same for the two arms or lower on the eplerenone arm, as patients are expected to live longer, the total cost over a patient's lifetime is higher.

  • CRT, cardiac resynchronisation therapy; CV, cardiovascular; HF, heart failure; ICD, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; QALY, quality-adjusted life year.