Table 3

Correlates of peak-exercise BNP level in the whole cohort (n=211)

Ln peak-exercise BNPIndividualMultivariate model*
β coeff.±SEp Valueβ coeff.±SEp Value
Resting mean transvalvular gradient, mm Hg0.25±0.0040.00030.16±0.0050.03
Resting indexed left atrial area, cm2/m20.23±0.020.0010.15±0.020.04
Resting valvulo-arterial impedance, mm Hg/mL m20.25±0.060.00020.20±0.070.009
  • *Multivariate model included age, gender, peak-exercise workload, and exercise-induced increase in heart rate, mean transvalvular gradient and valvulo-arterial impedance. β coeff. is the standardised regression coefficient±SE.

  • BNP, B-type natriuretic peptide.