Table 4

Maternal mortality in women with structural heart disease

DiagnosisTiming of presentationModified WHO classNYHA classAge (years)EF (%)WhenReasonFetal outcome
PPCM with subsequent pregnancyPrepartumIVII244561 days postpartumSudden deathFetal survival
PPCMPostpartumIVII3232130 days postpartumCCFFetal survival
Rheumatic HD with DVRPrepartumIVI193050 days postpartumValve thrombosisFetal survival
PPCMPostpartumIVIII2424122 days postpartumCCFFetal survival
Familial CMOPrepartumIVII433044 day spostpartumCCFFetal survival
PPCMPrepartumIVII322595 days postpartumSudden deathFetal survival
Familial CMOPrepartumIVIII252692 days postpartumCCFFetal survival
PPCM post miscarriagePostpartumIVIV2431150 postpartumCCFMiscarriage 20 weeks
Rheumatic HD with MVRPrepartumIVI256016 weeks prepartumSBEFetal death
  • CCF, congestive cardiac failure; CMO, cardiomyopathy; DVR, double valve replacement; HD, heart disease; MVR, mitral valve replacement; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PPCM, peripartum cardiomyopathy; SBE, subacute bacterial endocardititis.