Table 2

Haemodynamic features according to SVI in LG severe aortic stenosis with preserved EF

Group 1 (SVI <38 mL/m2)Group 2 (SVI 38–43 mL/m2)Group 3 (SVI 43–48 mL/m2)Group 4 (SVI ≥48 mL/m2)p Value
Heart rate (bpm)79±1471±12*66±10*†64±9*†<0.001
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)126±20128±19130±20127±200.41
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)69±1268±1267±965±11*0.04
EF (%)61±764±7*64±5*65±6*<0.001
LV end diastolic dimension (mm)45.8±0.545.7±0.546.8±0.546.0±0.50.33
LV end systolic dimension (mm)29.6±0.528.7±0.529.1±0.528.4±0.50.31
Relative wall thickness0.51±0.100.46±0.10*0.48±0.080.47±0.09*0.01
LV mass index (g/m2)101±2997±24105±23105±250.06
SVI (mL/m2)33±341±1*45±1*†52±3*†‡<0.001
Zva (mm Hg/mL/m2)4.6±0.93.9±0.5*3.6±0.5*3.2±0.5*†‡<0.001
SAC (mL mm Hg−1 m−2)0.66±0.200.74±0.220.79±0.26*0.91±0.35*†‡<0.001
SVR (dyn s cm−5)1369±3491319±3071306±2771265±2820.12
AV area (cm2)0.87±0.100.89±0.080.91±0.07*0.90±0.080.04
AV area index (cm2/m2)0.45±0.060.48±0.05*0.49±0.05*0.53±0.06*†‡<0.001
AV peak velocity (m/s)3.6±0.43.7±0.3*3.8±0.3*†3.8±0.3*†<0.001
AV mean LG (mm Hg)30±633±4*33±5*34±4*†<0.001
LV outflow tract diameter (cm)2.1±0.22.1±0.12.1±0.22.1±0.20.81
Medial E/e′18±1118±916±719±100.47
Right ventricular systolic pressure (mm Hg)39±1339±1338±1341±130.50
  • Values are mean±SD or number (%). Pairwise comparisons were performed with a post hoc Bonferroni test (p<0.008).

  • *Significant difference (p<0.05) with group 1.

  • †Significant difference with group 2.

  • ‡Significant difference with group 3.

  • AV, aortic valve; LG, low-gradient; SAC, systemic arterial compliance; SVI, stroke volume index; SVR, systemic vascular resistance; Zva, valvuloarterial impedance.