Table 4

Predictors of mortality

Univariable analysisMultivariable analysis
VariableHR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Age1.041.02 to 1.07<0.00011.031.01 to 1.060.002
Body mass index0.960.93 to to 0.980.002
Hypertension1.671.26 to 2.160.00030.10
Atrial fibrillation2.081.39 to 3.090.00050.89
Aortic valve area0.060.01 to 0.570.010.90
Aortic valve mean gradient0.950.92 to 0.990.020.16
SVI*0.940.92 to 0.97<0.00010.920.89 to 0.95<0.0001
Zva1.361.06 to 1.710.010.29
RV systolic pressure1.031.02 to 1.04<0.00011.041.02 to 1.05<0.0001
  • All variables adjusted for age; All HRs for continuous variables are per unit change in regressor.

  • *Multivariate SVI c-statistic 0.74 (0.68, 0.79).SVI, stroke volume index; Zva, valvuloarterial impedance.