Table 2

End-systolic elastance (Ees), arterial elastance (Ea) and Ees/Ea in 50 patients referred for pulmonary hypertension

Pressure method (ESP=mPAP)Pressure method (ESP=sRVP)Volume method
  • Mean±SD values of Ees calculated as mPAP/ESV, (Pmax-mPAP)/SV, or (Pmax-sRVP)/SV, of Ea calculated as mPAP/SV or sRVP/SV. The RV-arterial coupling ratio was reduced to SV/ESV in the volume method and (Pmax/mPAP-1) or (Pmax/sRVP-1) in the pressure methods. The lowest Ees/Ea was calculated with the volume method and the highest with the pressure method (with mPAP to estimate ESP).

  • *p Value<0.05 compared to pressure method with ESP=mPAP.

  • ESP, end-systolic pressure; ESV, end-systolic volume; mPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; sRVP, peak systolic RV pressure; SV, stroke volume.