Table 1

Baseline characteristics and outcome in patients with: (A) Planned vaginal delivery versus planned caesarean section; (B) Planned caesarean section for obstetric reasons versus planned caesarean section for cardiac reasons

Planned VDPlanned CSp ValuePlanned obstetric CS (n=221)Planned Cardiac CS (n=172)p Value
 Age (SD)30 (5.4)30 (6.0)0.1231 (6.1)30 (5.8)0.17
 Prior cardiac intervention (%)56480.00852440.097
 Nulliparous (%)52440.01243450.58
 Type of heart disease<0.0010.010
 Congenital heart disease (%)69576449
 Valvular heart disease (%)25292535
 Cardiomyopathy (%)5.1108.613
 Ischaemic heart disease (%)
 NYHA class<0.001<0.001
 NYHA class 1 (%)76617345
 NYHA class 2 (%)21312243
 NYHA class 3 (%)
 NYHA class 4 (%)0.40.501.2
 Maternal mortality (%)0.620.03004.70.001
 Postpartum HF (%)
 Postpartum haemorrhage(%)
 Perinatal mortality (%)
 Neonatal mortality (%)
 Pregnancy duration (weeks)3837<0.00137.436.80.020
 Birth weight (g)31062809<0.001284327650.22
 Birth weight (corrected) *339533230.013320832070.99
 APGAR score at 1 min <7 (%)9.4120.1310150.12
  • *Birth weight was corrected for gestational age, nulliparity, smoking, fetal sex, maternal age, diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

  • CS, caesarean section; HF, heart failure; NYHA, New York Heart Association; VD, vaginal delivery.