Table 2

Both maternal and fetal outcomes compared between patients who had an elective caesarean section or an emergency caesarean section. (A) The group of patients who had a caesarean section; (B) patients who had a caesarean section for obstetric reasons and (C) patients who had a caesarean section for cardiac reasons

 (A) Total(B) Obstetric(C) Cardiac
El CS n=340Em CS n=196p ValueEl CS n=160Em CS n=158p ValueEl CS n=142Em CS n=38p Value
Pre-eclampsia (%)
Anticoagulant use (%)157.70.0108.35.90.4026.614.30.10
Maternal mortality (%)1.81.5100.70.474.24.81
Postpartum HF (%)
Postpartum haemorrhagic event (%)
Perinatal mortality (%)
Neonatal mortality (%)
Pregnancy duration (weeks)37370.08037380.04536.836.50.52
Preterm birth (%)27.422.40.2129200.7029.428.60.92
Birth weight (g)280029050.076281629220.18275228410.40
Birth weight (corrected)*325132610.82350434900.80282229510.10
Apgar score <7 at 1 min (%)13.513.80.949.5170.04518.22.40.011
  • EM CS, emergency caesarean section; EL CS, elective caesarean section; HF, heart failure.

  • *Birth weight was corrected for gestational age, smoking, fetal sex, maternal age, diabetes and pre-eclampsia.