Table 3

Both maternal and fetal outcomes compared between patients in the planned vaginal delivery group but delivered by emergency caesarean section and patients who had elective planned and performed caesarean section

EL CS (n=340)EM CS (n=143)p Value
Pre-eclampsia (%)
Anticoagulant use (%)
Maternal mortality (%)
Postpartum HF (%)
Postpartum haemorrhagic event (%)
Perinatal mortality (%)
Neonatal mortality (%)
Pregnancy duration (weeks)
Preterm birth (%)27.4200.10
Birth weight (g)280029210.016
Birth weight (corrected)*318931650.61
Apgar score <7 at 1 min (%)13.517.50.26
  • *Birth weight was corrected for gestational age, nullipara, smoking, fetal sex, maternal age, diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

  • EL CS, planned and performed elective caesarean section; EM CS, planned vaginal delivery and performed emergency caesarean section; HF, heart failure.