Table 4

Observed and expected events at 1 year in different studies in LAA occlusion patients contraindicated for OAC

Study nameNumber of patientsCHA2DS2-VAScFollow-up (months)Total stroke/TIA follow-upStroke %/year% ReductionDeath patient/ yearAntithrombotic therapy
Spanish Unicentre (ACP)14353.94±1.8921.14±10.12.85% (1/35)0% versus 5.45%5.04%3–6 m DAPT
3 m indefinite ASA
Partial ACP European postmarket1453.7±1.7242.12% (1/47)1.24% versus 5.33%65%NA3 m DAPT 3 m ASA
ASAP (Watch)13
1504.4±1.714.4±8.62.6% (4/150)1.7% vs 7.3%77%5%6 m DAPT
Canadian (ACP)15525 (4–6)20±55.7% (3/52)1.1% vs 8.6%87%5.8%1–3 or 1–6 m
Iberian multicentre (current)1674 (3–6)22±8.34.2% (7/167)2.4% vs 9.6%75%5.8%3–6 m DAPT
6 m indefinite ASA
Average of figures or percentages5494.220.383.54% (16/451)1.28% vs 7.25%76%5.41%
  • ACP, Amplatzer Cardiac Plug; ASA, aspirin; DAPT, double antiplatelet therapy; LAA, left atrial appendage; OAC, oral anticoagulant; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.