Abstract 94 Table 1

Utility of ECG and SAECG parameters for differentiating physiological and pathological TWI

Criterion for diagnosis of ARVCSens (%) Spec (%)PPV (%) NPV (%)
QRS terminal activation > 55 msec34.357.838.753.1
Absence of biphasic TWI91.471.171.191.4
Absence of voltage LVH88.660.063.387.1
Absence of voltage RVH100.015.650.0100.0
Absence of anterior early repolarisation77.
Precordial lead amplitude <1.8 mV (males)39.1100.0100.072.6
1 or more ventricular extrasystole on resting ECG17.1100.0100.060.8
1–2 SAECG abnormalities35.333.328.640.5
3 SAECG abnormalities25.793.375.061.7