Abstract 94 Table 2

Utility of echo, CMRI, and exercise parameters for differentiating physiological and pathological TWI

Criterion for diagnosis of ARVC Sens (%)Spec (%)PPV (%) NPV (%)
Echo RVFAC < 30%45.791.180.068.3
CMRI RVEF < 45%34.3100.0100.066.2
CMRI regional wall motion abnormality51.497.897.772.1
CMRI delayed gadolinium enhancement40.0100.0100.068.2
CMRI RV/LV end-diastolic volume > 1.242.991.179.067.2
Increase in ventricular ectopy (ETT)31.4100.0100.065.2
Systolic BP rise <20 mmHg (ETT)11.4100.0100.043.8
TW pseudonormalisation (ETT)40.026.729.836.4
Absence of TW pseudonormalisation (ETT)40.086.770.065.0