Table 1

Clinical baseline characteristics and surgical data

All patients,
CLI absent,
CLI present,
p Value
Age, years63±1164±1060±140.25
Male gender, %7878760.89
Body surface area, m21.97±0.231.98±0.221.95±0.260.64
Body mass index, kg/m226±427±426±30.38
Dyslipidaemia, %4138470.52
Hypertension, %4344410.86
Diabetes, %8960.66
History of CAD, %86120.51
Atrial fibrillation, %1413180.62
NYHA class, %
Creatinine, mg/dL1.0±0.21.0±0.21.0±0.20.66
Medical therapy, %
 ACE inhibitors/ARBs4344410.86
Surgical variables
 Bypass time, min72±2971±3074±280.72
 Flail leaflet, %6159650.71
Posterior leaflet prolapsing segments
 Single scallop, %5744820.007
 Multiple scallops, %435618
 Valve repair, %98971000.35
  • ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker; CAD, coronary artery disease; CLI, cleft-like indentation; NYHA class, New York Heart Association functional class.