Table 2

Risk of bias

Cardioversion studiesMorris et al11Jensen et al12Wikland et al13Bjerkelund and Orning14Arnold et al15Chalasani et al16Lanzarotti and Olshansky17Crijns et al18Bertaglia et al19Elhendy et al20Gallagher et al23Stiell et al21Scheuermeyer et al22Yadlapati et al24
Was there a comparison:     
 Between two or more groups of participants receiving different interventions?NYNYNNYYNYYYYY
 Within the same group of participants over time?YYYNNYNYYNYYYY
Were participants allocated to groups by:     
 Concealed randomization?NNNNNNNNNNNNNN
 By other action of researchersNYNYPYYNNYYYPN
 Location differences?NNNNNNNNNNYNYN
 Treatment decisions?NNNNPPPNNPPYNP
 Participants’ preferences?NNNNPNaPNNPPPPP
 On the basis of outcome?NNNNNNNYNNNYNN
 Some other process? (specify)NNNNNNNNNNNPPN
Which parts of the study were prospective:     
 Identification of participants?YYYYNNNYYNNPNN
 Assessment of baseline and allocation to intervention?NNNNNNNYNNNPNN
 Assessment of outcomes?YYYYNNNYYNNPNN
 Generation of hypotheses?NNNNNNNNNNNNNN
On what variables was comparability between groups assessed:     
 Potential confounders?YYYYPPYYNYYNNY
 Baseline assessment of outcome variables?YYYYYPYNYNYNYY
  • N, no; Na, not applicable; P, possible in one group only; Y, yes.