Table 2

Baseline haemodynamic and echocardiographic characteristics of patients according to treatment strategy

Watchful observation group (n=186)Early AVR group (n=98)p Value
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg136±19129±190.001
Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg76±1276±130.71
End-systolic dimension, mm29±530±50.65
End-diastolic dimension, mm49±548±50.13
End-systolic volume, mL36±1335±160.96
End-diastolic volume, mL90±2491±310.78
Interventricular septum thickness, mm10.8±1.711.2±2.20.23
Posterior wall thickness, mm10.6±1.610.9±1.80.08
Stroke volume, mL76±1074±110.13
Stroke volume index, mL/m246±745±70.30
LV mass index, g/m2114±41117±420.64
Aetiology of aortic stenosis, n (%)
 Degenerative133 (72)54 (55)0.006
 Bicuspid26 (14)16 (16)0.60
 Rheumatic27 (15)28 (29)0.004
Aortic jet velocity, m/s3.77±0.203.85±0.200.002
Mean gradient, mm  Hg33.3±4.035.2±3.9<0.001
Aortic valve area, cm20.86±0.090.81±0.110.001
Indexed aortic valve area, cm2/m20.52±0.070.50±0.070.002
Energy loss index, cm2/m20.53±0.170.52±0.110.75
SAC, mL/m2/mm  Hg0.72±0.210.79±0.280.014
Zva, mm Hg/mL/m23.86±0.933.88±0.830.89
RV systolic pressure, mm Hg32±932±90.71
  • AVR, aortic valve replacement; SAC, systemic arterial compliance; Zva, valvuloarterial impedance.