TableĀ 3

Univariable predictors of overall survival

VariablesUnivariable analysis
HR95% CIp Value
Age0.9180.886 to 0.951<0.001
Female1.5490.869 to 2.7620.14
Hypertension0.6600.352 to 1.2370.20
Diabetes mellitus0.5910.320 to 1.0950.10
Coronary artery disease0.4170.235 to 0.7400.003
Atrial fibrillation0.7820.378 to 1.6200.51
Comorbidity index0.6680.560 to 0.797<0.001
STS score0.8420.798 to 0.888<0.001
LVEF1.0270.976 to 1.0820.30
Non-degenerative AS3.4791.247 to 9.7070.017
Indexed aortic valve area6.7650.103 to 444.10.37
Aortic jet velocity0.6410.163 to 2.5260.53
Zva0.9970.656 to 1.5150.99
Watchful observation group0.9390.508 to 1.7340.84
Performance of AVR*3.6132.011 to 6.489<0.001
  • * Includes both early and late AVR in the early AVR and the watchful observation groups.

  • AS, aortic stenosis; AVR, aortic valve replacement; STS, Society of Thoracic Surgeons; Zva, valvuloarterial impedance.