Table 2

Main pharmacokinetic characteristics of antiplatelet agent currently used in urgent PCI

DrugROALoading doseTime to EPI (min)Time to PFR (h)Cooling interaction
AspirinOral, intravenous300 mg (200 mg intravenous)6096Mild
ClopidogrelOral600 mg360120Relevant
PrasugrelOral60 mg90–120168Mild
TicagrelorOral180 mg60–12048–120Mild to moderate
CangrelorIntravenous30 μg/kg (bolus)20.5None?
AbciximabIntravenous0.25 mg/kg (bolus)1524–48None
TirofibanIntravenous180 μg/kg (bolus)15–304None
EptifibatideIntravenous10 μg/kg (bolus)15–304None
  • EPI, effective platelet inhibition (ie, platelet function inhibited in >50% of subjects); PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; PFR, platelet function recovery; ROA, route of administration.