TableĀ 4

The demographics and prevalence of pulmonary thrombosis examined with CT (MDCT) and pulmonary scintigraphy (V/Q SPECT/CT) in patients with CCHD

Clinical characteristics
CT (MDCT), n76
Pulmonary thrombosis, n (%)15 (20)
Proximal thrombosis, n (%)8 (53)
Pulmonary trunk, n2
Right pulmonary artery, n6
Left pulmonary artery, n6
Peripheral thrombosis, n (%)11 (73)
Right lung, n10
Left lung, n6
Mural thrombosis, n (%)8 (53)
Occluding thrombosis, n (%)11 (73)
Enlarged pulmonary arteries, n (%)74 (97)
Aneurysmal arteries, n (%)16 (21)
Calcification in the pulmonary vessels26 (34)
Pulmonary trunk, n13
Right pulmonary artery, n21
Left pulmonary artery, n13
Prevalence of pulmonary hypertension, n (%)25 (96)
Pulmonary scintigraphy (V/Q SPECT/CT), n66
Pulmonary thrombosis, n (%)19 (29)
Apex of the right lung, n13
Medial part of the right lung, n13
Basal part of the right lung, n10
Apex of the left lung, n12
Medial part of the left lung, n8
Basal part of the left lung, n6
Mottled pattern on the perfusion scan, n (%)44 (67)
  • The results are shown as actual number and percentage.

  • CCHD, cyanotic congenital heart disease; MDCT, multidetector CT imaging; V/Q/SPECT, ventilation/perfusion/single-photon emission computerised tomography.