Table 1

Ischaemic postconditioning: overview of the most important clinical studies on ischaemic postconditioning in patients with STEMI undergoing primary PCI

StudyTreatmentNMain resultsRemarks
Staat et al660 s×43036% reduction in AUC of CK, also when adjusted for AAR. Improvement in myocardial blush grade. No difference in LVEFOnly LAD or RCA and symptoms <6 h. No collaterals or preinfarction angina. Treatment with direct stenting
Lønborg et al730 s×411819% improvement in infarct size/AAR and 18% reduction in infarct size by CMR at 3 months. No difference in peak troponin I or LVEFNo MVD. Only 86 patients were evaluated by CMR
Sörensson et al860 s×476No difference in infarct size by CMR at 6–9 days, but significant reduction in both infarct size and LVEF adjusted for AAR
Freixa et al1060 s×479Reduction in myocardial salvage index by CMR. No difference in either LVEF, troponin I or infarct size by CMR at 1 week or 6 months.No collateral flow. 62% treated with direct stenting
Thuny et al960 s×45038% reduction in infarct size by CMR and 52% by AUC of CK. Reduction in myocardial oedema by CMRNo preinfarction angina or collateral flow
Hahn et al1160 s×4700No difference in ST-segment resolution, myocardial blush or 30 days clinical outcome
  • AAR, area at risk; AUC, area under the curve; CK-MB, creatine kinase myoglobin band; CMR, cardiovascular magnetic resonance; LAD, left anterior descending artery; LVESV, LV end systolic volume; MVD, multivessel disease; MVO, microvascular obstruction; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; RCA, right coronary artery; SPECT, single-proton emission CT; STEMI, ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction; TIMI, thrombolysis in myocardial infarction.