Table 1

Baseline characteristics* of participants of the Swedish Mammography Cohort by categories of exercise and walking/bicycling at study entry

Exercise at study entry (h/week)Walking/bicycling at study entry (min/days)
Characteristics<1 (n=6624)†1 (n=8120)2–3 (n=11 523)≥4 (n=7773)Almost never (n=3776)†<20 (n=6650)20–39 (n=12 141)≥40 (n=12 675)
Age, mean (years)61.160.361.262.664.060.560.862.0
Height (cm)164.7164.8164.9164.6164.2164.8165.0164.6
Body mass index, mean (kg/m2)25.725.324.924.426.125.524.924.6
Postsecondary education (%)
Current smoking (%)29.723.
History of hypertension (%)23.421.920.419.125.521.820.519.4
History of type 2 diabetes (%)
History of coronary heart disease or heart failure (%)
Family history of myocardial infarction (%)17.417.216.518.019.317.817.316.5
Alcohol intake, mean (g/day)
  • *Age standardised to the age distribution of the study population at study entry.

  • †The number of women does not sum up to the total number because of missing data on exercise (n=2473) and walking/bicycling (n=1271). g/day; gram/day.