Table 1

Echocardiographic (A) and cardiovascular magnetic resonance (B) reference values of RV and right atrial size and function in healthy adults

(A) Echocardiography
RV diameter (mm)
 Midventricular level*>35
 RV wall thickness (subcostal view) (mm)>5
  RA end-systolic area (mm2)>18
  RA volume (mL/m2)>30
Systolic function
 TAPSE (mm)<17
 Pulsed Doppler peak S′ (m/s)<9.5
 RV fractional area change (%)<35
 RV 3D EF (%)<45
Diastolic function
 E/E′ ratio>6
 Tissue Doppler MPI>0.54
(B) Cardiovascular magnetic resonance
End-diastolic volume/BSA (mL/m2)>108
End-systolic volume/BSA (mL/m2)>48
EF (%)<50
Mass/BSA (g/m2)>46
  • BSA, body surface area; MPI, myocardial performance index; RA, right atrium; TAPSE, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion.