Table 3

Characteristics of women who embarked upon pregnancy during study period

Successful live births
Miscarriages only
Unsuccessful conception (n=5)
Age at PCC (mean), years26.128.229
Underlying anatomy, tricuspid atresia/other3/54/31/4
Age (first pregnancy or first miscarriage) (mean), years2930.1N/A
Fontan type, TCPC/AP Fontan6/23/34/1
Age at Fontan completion (mean±SD), years11.2 (5.7)8.2 (4.2)6.8 (3.7)
Prior thromboembolism002
CARPREG score prior to pregnancy, 0/1/≥2*2/6/01/3/20/2/3
Prior atrial arrhythmia633
New York Heart Association Functional Class prior to pregnancy (NYHA 1/2/3/4)7/1/0/05/1/0/0/4/1/0/0
Oxygen saturations <92% prior to pregnancy153
Haemoglobin (g/dL) at PCC (mean±SD) at PCC14.7(0.7)16.4(1.9)13.1(0.8)
Systemic ventricle morphology (left/right)6/24/25/0
Systemic Ventricular Function Grade: good/mildly impaired/moderately impaired/poor7/1/06/0/0/05/0/0/0
  • *No patient had CARPREG score >2.

  • CARPREG, cardiac disease in pregnancy; PCC, preconception counselling; TCPC, total cavopulmonary connection.