Table 5

Obstetric and neonatal outcomes for Fontan and control group

Patients with a Fontan circulation with live births
(p value)
Maternal age at conception (mean±SD), years29.5 (4.2)31.1 (5.01)
Miscarriage (first trimester)255
Miscarriage (second trimester)30
Premature rupture of membranes20
Recurrent early pregnancy bleeding3N/A
Postpartum haemorrhage6/144/280.0592
Spontaneous vaginal delivery3/1422/28
Assisted delivery4/144/28
Delivery by caesarean section7/142/28
Birth weight, (mean±SD), g1682 (645)3385 (375)<0.0001
Neonatal death10
Small for gestational age (<10th Centile)80<0.0001
Mean gestation at delivery, weeks3439.5<0.0001
Premature birth (<37 weeks gestation)1000.0002
32–36+6 weeks gestation90
<32 weeks gestation10
Fetal congenital heart disease00