Table 2

Crude incidence rates of 12 CVDs with 95% CIs in individuals with and without PMR and GCA

 Coronary and CVD death compositeFatal and non-fatal cardiovascular composite
Rate per 1000 PY (95% CI)No.
Rate per 1000 PY (95% CI)
PMR only107523.95 (22.56 to 25.43)245754.74 (52.62 to 56.95)
GCA only14830.44 (25.91 to 35.76)38779.60 (72.05 to 87.94)
All GCA21625.32 (22.16 to 28.93)55565.06 (59.86 to 70.70)
PMR and/or GCA129124.17 (22.89 to 25.52)301256.39 (54.41 to 58.44)
Free of PMR and GCA10 82625.80 (25.32 to 26.29)24 37258.08 (57.36 to 58.82)
  • Notes: non-disease estimates are obtained in up to 10 randomly selected patients without PMR or GCA matched for sex, age, medical practice and index date; PY rates are unadjusted; PMR and GCA estimates are obtained among patients diagnosed with these diseases who had supporting information for disease diagnosis. The coronary and CVD death composite endpoint includes: stable angina, myocardial infarction, coronary heart diseases not otherwise specified and any cardiovascular death. The fatal and non-fatal CVD composite endpoint additionally includes: transient ischaemic attack, peripheral arterial disease and non-fatal heart failure and ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke.

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease; GCA, giant cell arteritis; PMR, polymyalgia rheumatica; PY, patient-years of follow-up.