TableĀ 3

Proposed CMR protocol in children and adolescents with suspected or confirmed PH/PPHVD

AssessmentMetrics assessedSequence
Ventricular volumesEDVI/ESVI/SVI, EF myocardial massb-SSFP cine imaging. Short axis or transverse slices. Can be acquired in breath-holds, free breathing or real time
Blood flow in RPA, LPA, MPA and aortaCalculation of CO, Qp:Qs and valvar regurgitation if presentPhase contrast MR. Best acquired using a free-breathing sequence with multiple signal averages for respiratory compensation
  • CMR, cardiac MR; CO, cardiac output; PH/PPHVD, pulmonary hypertension/paediatric pulmonary hypertensive vascular disease; Qs, systemic blood flow; Qp, pulmonary blood flow; SSFP, steady-state free precession. RPA, right pulmonary artery; LPA, left pulmonary artery; MPA, main pulmonary artery.