Table 3

Univariate analysis of patients with an ILR inserted who experienced further falls during a mean follow-up of 9 months

Fall risk factor at baselineFall during follow-up
No fall during follow-up
p Value
Age68.2 (10.80)70.2 (8.86)0.40
TUG (mean±SD)11.39±1.5610.60±1.240.42
MMSE (mean±SD)28.27±0.6028.08±0.600.65
CES-D (mean±SD)12.47±2.188.79±2.580.06
POMA (mean±SD)24.41±1.60425.09±1.120.49
FES (mean±SD)25.5±8.1919.35±6.850.25
Arrhythmia detected during follow-up
36 (100%)
30 (83%)6 (18%)0.001*
  • *Denotes significance at p<0.05.

  • CES-D, Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale; FES, Falls Efficacy Scale; ILR, implantable loop recorder; MMSE, mini-mental state examination; POMA, performance oriented mobility assessment; TUG, timed up and go test.