TableĀ 3

Univariate Cox proportionate hazards modelling

CovariateOR95% CIp Value
Concomitant significant mitral and aortic regurgitation postprocedure2.451.37 to 4.340.002
Significant mitral regurgitation at 1-month follow-up2.541.09 to 5.890.03
New York Heart Association Class III or IV5.221.26 to 21.650.02
Significant aortic regurgitation postprocedure2.841.25 to 6.440.01
Significant mitral regurgitation postprocedure2.541.10 to 5.890.03
Ejection fraction <0.501.891.02 to 3.600.045
EuroSCORE II1.051.01 to 1.090.01
Systolic pulmonary artery pressure1.031.001 to 1.060.04