Abstract 18 Table 1

Table illustrating changes in Heart Rate, Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP), Ratio of distal coronary pressure to proximal aortic pressure (Pd/Pa) and Average Peak Coronary Flow Velocity (APV)

MeanStd. Deviation
Resting HR80.14914.7780
Pre Stress HR82.468 (p: 0.227)15.9208
Resting SBP128.2320.6944
Pre Stress SBP128.88 (p: 0577)22.9778
Resting Pd/Pa0.93070.1106
Pre Stress Pd/Pa0.9370 (p: 0.089)0.1120
Resting APV (U)18.17657.4892
Pre Stress APV (U)19.4689 (p: 0.002)7.7007