Table 3

Comparison of costs of screening for TARB-Ex and GP manual review

MethodHoursHourly rate ($A)Cost ($A)Cost per patient with DLCNCS ≥5 ($A)*
TARB-Ex study costs
 TARB-Ex development96403840
 Data extraction by researcher†14040
 Review of TARB-Ex extracted records
  Lipid specialist1200200
Total cost:$4228$132.12
TARB-Ex running costs in general practice
Electronic screening†
GP review of TARB-Ex extracted records1148148
Total cost (GP performing screening):$296$9.25
Total cost (PN performing screening):$178$5.56
Total cost (PM performing screening):$182$5.69
GP manual review
 GP manual review of records601488880
Total cost:$8880$403.64
  • *Calculated as total cost/number of patients with DLCNCS ≥5 (TARB-Ex, n=32; GP manual review, n=22).

  • †Electronic screening takes 15–30 min, costs have been calculated for 1 h.

  • DLCNCS Dutch Lipid Clinic Network Criteria Score; GP, general practitioner; PM, practice manager; PN, practice nurse.