Abstract 142 Table 2

Results of linear regression analysis to evaluate the effect of a truncating variant in TTN (TTNtv) on the interval change in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), indexed left ventricular end diastolic volume (LVEDVi), end systolic volume (LVESVi), stroke volume (LVSVi) and mass (LVMi)

Interval change in outcome variablePresence of TTNtv Unadjusted analysisPresence of TTNtv Adjusted analysis (adjusted for age, gender, heart failure medication, resting heart rate and blood pressure, NYHA status)
CoefficientP value95% confidence intervalCoefficientP value95% confidence interval
LVEF (%)1.60.60-−4.3 to−5.4 to 7.7
LVEDVi (mls)2.90.75−15.5 to−11.0 to 28.8
LVESVi (mls)-0.90.92−18.8 to−16.2 to 23.3
LVSVi (mls)3.90.16−1.47 to 9.375.30.08−0.67 to 11.3
LVMi (g)1.50.77−8.3 to−9.4 to 12.5