Table 2

Changes in invasive hemodynamic data following ventricular stress testing

VariableAll (n=46)ODD+ (n=16)ODD− (n=30)p Value
SVC SaO2 (%)−2.7±7.5−5.1±8.3−0.75±6.30.178
DAO SaO2 (%)+0.7±2.3+0.3±1.5+0.9±2.60.438
Fontan mean (mm Hg)+2.8±1.4+3.6±1.4+2.3±1.30.005
PCWP mean (mm Hg)+3.3±2.0+4.6±1.9+2.6±1.70.003
TPG mean (mm Hg)−0.2±1.9+0.4±1.8−0.4±1.90.213
Ventricular EDP (mm Hg)+4.2±2.3+6.3±2.4+3.1±1.4<0.001
Cardiac index (L/min/m2)−0.1±1.0−0.4±0.8+0.1±1.00.098
PVRi (wood units  × m2)−0.1±0.60.0±0.5−0.2±0.60.407
  • Values are mean±SD or median (IQR). p Values reflect comparison of change between ODD+ and ODD− groups.

  • DAO, descending aorta; EDP, end-diastolic pressure; ODD, occult diastolic dysfunction; PCWP, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; PVRi, pulmonary vascular resistance indexed to body surface area; SaO2, oxygen saturation; SVC, superior vena cava; TPG, transpulmonary gradient.