Table 3

Echocardiographic findings according to clinical events

Patients without events (−)
Patients with events (+)
p Value
Maximal thickness in apex, cm1.65±0.131.71±0.150.007
 Diastolic apical cap thickness, cm1.26±0.381.47±0.570.025
 Systolic apical obliteration, cm2.25±0.773.14±0.86<0.001
 Systolic LV cavity height, cm5.88±0.894.60±0.91<0.001
 Ratio of systolic obliteration to cavity0.40±0.190.74±0.37<0.001
 Rate of obliteration0.84±0.641.36±0.800.004
 Diastolic apical cap thickness, cm1.36±0.441.77±0.61<0.001
 Systolic apical obliteration, cm2.40±0.743.61±0.78<0.001
 Systolic LV cavity height, cm5.90±0.924.50±0.97<0.001
 Ratio of systolic obliteration to cavity0.42±0.160.86±0.33<0.001
 Rate of obliteration0.85±0.681.22±0.820.008
 Diastolic apical cap thickness, cm1.37±0.441.72±0.55<0.001
 Systolic apical obliteration, cm2.39±0.763.35±0.85<0.001
 Systolic LV cavity height, cm5.98±0.864.63±0.86<0.001
 Ratio of systolic obliteration to cavity0.42±0.170.77±0.30<0.001
 Rate of obliteration0.78±0.441.07±0.660.009
Average of three chambers
 Ratio of systolic obliteration to cavity0.41±0.150.79±0.28<0.001
 Rate of obliteration0.82±0.491.22±0.650.001
  • Events comprising the occurrence of new onset of atrial fibrillation, stroke, heart failure, and cardiovascular death.

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; LV, left ventricle.