Abstact 32 Table 2

Summary of biomarker change from 0–6 hours in 1 year MACE and non MACE patients

BiomarkerMACENo MACE
Median changeIQRMedian changeIQRAUCP value
hsTnT (ng/L)38.32135.617.0723.490.940.06
H-FABP (μg/L)3.7321.360.562.450.910.04
Tnl (μg/L)0.470.
CK-MB (μg/L)0.454.
Myoglobin (ng/ml)15.47185.492.8036.550.940.07
GPBB (pg/L)−0.868.081.755.130.710.31
  • H-FABP: heart-type fatty acid-binding protein; hsTnT: highly sensitive troponin T; Tnl: troponin I; CKMB: creatine kinase MB; GPBB: glycogen phosphorylase; CAIII: carbonic anhydrase III; IQR: interquartile range; AUC: area under curve.