Table 1

Clinical and haemodynamic data

Age of the patients at CT scan (months)92.9±58.6 (2–197)
Number of scans from patients <5 years of age40% (19/48)
Ratio of PA/systemic systolic pressure0.9±0.3 (0.5–1.5)
Systolic PA pressure (mm Hg)87.8±24.9 (50–147)
Diastolic PA pressure (mm Hg)44.9±16.7 (21–86)
Mean PA pressure (mm Hg)62.9±18.4 (36–103)
Pulmonary capillary (or left atrial or pulmonary venous) pressure (mm Hg)8.5±3.3 (1–20)
Indexed PVR (Woods×m2)15.3±7.3 (5–41)
Systolic systemic pressure (mm Hg)97.0±12.3 (69–123)
Diastolic systemic pressure (mm Hg)57.3±11.0 (31–80)
Mean systemic pressure (mm Hg)74.3±10.2 (51–95)
Indexed cardiac output (L/min/m2)4.1±1.1 (2.3–7.6)
  • Values are mean±SD (where appropriate) with the range of minimum and maximum values in brackets.

  • PA, pulmonary artery; PVR, pulmonary vascular resistance.