Table 1

Clinical and echocardiographic characteristics at baseline, at early postdischarge clinical check-up and at the last check-up

<30 mm Hg
≥30 mm Hg
p Value
Age, years58.9±11.957.9±14.10.559
Sex, females, %109 (52.4)34 (54.8)0.773
Alcohol, mL1.7±0.81.8±0.60.123
CKMB max, μkat/L3.0±2.12.8±1.40.806
Dyspnoea, NYHA class
 Early post-ASA check-up1.6±0.71.9±0.70.003
 Last clinical check-up1.7±0.72.0±0.70.003
Angina, CCS class
 Early post-ASA check-up0.3±0.60.4±0.80.779
 Last clinical check-up0.2±0.50.3±0.60.727
Left ventricular outflow gradient, mm Hg
 Early post-ASA check-up12.8±6.049.9±26.5<0.001
 Last clinical check-up13.3±11.433.2±29.7<0.001
Left ventricular diameter, mm
 Early post-ASA check-up45.4±5.145.7±5.80.684
 Last clinical check-up46.5±5.246.7±5.90.764
Left ventricular ejection fraction, %
 Early post-ASA check-up70.3±10.169.6±9.40.409
 Last clinical check-up68.5±8.767.3±10.20.303
Basal septum thickness, mm
 Early post-ASA check-up15.8±4.918.7±5.2<0.001
 Last clinical check-up13.5±3.616.2±4.6<0.001
Left atrium diameter, mm
 Early post-ASA check-up45.2±5.947.0±7.20.052
 Last clinical check-up46.4±6.748.2±7.40.075
Mean follow-up duration, years5.8±4.15.2±4.0
  • ASA, alcohol septal ablation; CCS, Canadian Cardiovascular Society; LVOTO, left ventricular outflow tract obstruction.