Table 2

Studies reporting incidence of myocardial infarction classified according to the universal definition

 Diagnostic classification (%) proportion of all patients with elevation in baseline cardiac troponin
PopulationTroponin assay and upper reference limit*Number with elevated cardiac troponin concentrations (% of total study population)Myocardial injury (%)Type 1 MI (%)Type 2 MI (%)Type 3/4/5 MI (%)Unclassified
Javed et al31Unselected hospital inpatients with cTnI measured (n=2979)†cTnI (>40 ng/L) ADVIA immunoassay (Siemens)701 (23.5%)461 (65.8%)143 (20.4%)64 (9.1%)9 (1.3%)24 (3.4%)
El-Haddad et al32Unselected hospital inpatients with cTnI measured (n=807)cTnI (>160 ng/L) Beckman Access807 (100%)Not reported512 (63.4%)295 (36.6%)NilNil
Saaby et al33Unselected hospital inpatients with cTnI measured (n=4499)cTnI (>30 ng/L) Architect-STAT (Abbott Diagnostics)1961 (43.6%)1408 (71.8%)397 (20.2%)144 (7.3%)12 (0.7%)Nil
Shah et al6Unselected hospital inpatients with cTnI measured (n=2165)cTnI (>50 ng/L) Architect-STAT (Abbott Diagnostics)2165 (100%)522 (24.1%)1171 (54%)429 (19.9%)43 (2%)Nil
White et al4Cardiology inpatients with ACS (2000–2006) (n=2201)cTnI, cTnT, CK, CK-MB169 (7.7%)Not reported106 (62.7%)7 (4.1%)56 (33.2%)Nil
Szymanski et al34Cardiology inpatients with ACS (n=2882)cTn (not specified)2882 (100%)Not reported2824 (98%)58 (2%)NilNil
Stein et al35Cardiology and ICU inpatients with ACS (n=2818)Not reported2818 (100%)Not reported2691 (95.5%)127 (4.5%)NilNil
Baron et al30Hospital inpatients with ACS (n=19 763)Not reported19 763 (100%)Not reported17 488 (88.5%)1403 (7.1%)141 (0.7%)731 (3.7%)
Melberg et al36Hospital inpatients with ACS (n=1093)cTnT (>30 ng/L) Roche Elecsys1093 (100%)Not reported967 (88.5%)17 (1.6%)109 (9.9%)Nil
Morrow et al2Clinical trial patients with ACS (n=13 608)Not reported1218 (8.9%)Not reported397 (32.6%)43 (3.5%)778 (63.9%)Nil
Sandoval et al37Emergency department patients with cTnI measured (n=1112)cTnI (>34 ng/L) OCD Vitros256 (23%)Not reported66 (25.8%)190 (74.2%)NilNil
Smith et al38Emergency department patients with cTnI measured (n=662)cTnI (>90 ng/L) Siemens Stratus139 (20.9%)Not reported40 (28.8%)99 (71.2%)NilNil
Smith et al39Emergency department patients with suspected ACS (n=1096)cTn (not specified)134 (12.2%)Not reported127 (95%)7 (5%)NilNil
Bonaca et al40Emergency department presentations with suspected ACS (n=381)cTnI (>100 ng/L) Siemens Centaur96 (25.2%)Not reported86 (90%)10 (10%)NilNil
Shah et al8Unselected patients with suspected ACS (n=1126)hs-TnI (F >16 g/L; M >34 ng/L) Architect-STAT high-sensitivity (Abbott Diagnostics)338 (30%)40 (11.8%)242 (71.6%)56 (16.6%)NilNil
  • *All units are standardised to ng/L.

  • †Twenty-seven exclusions (missing data).

  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; CK, creatine kinase; cTnI, cardiac troponin I; cTnT, cardiac troponin T; MI, myocardial infarction.