Table 1

Characteristics of the study population according to the aortic valve anatomy

VariablesTotal (n=200)TAV (n=161)BAV (n=39)p Value
Clinical data
Age, years67±1371±949±11<0.0001
Men, %7376560.01
Height, cm167±8166±8168±90.28
Weight, kg79±1680±1676±160.12
Body surface area, m²1.88±0.211.88±0.201.85±0.230.38
Body mass index, kg/m²29±529±527±40.01
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg136±18138±18127±150.0004
Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg75±974±980±80.002
Heart rate, bpm62±962±965±80.03
Hypertension, %808844<0.0001
Dyslipidemia, %718033<0.0001
Diabetes, %232750.003
Coronary artery disease, %38473<0.0001
History of smoking, %67.570.853.80.04
Doppler echocardiography data
Bicuspid aortic valve, %20
Left ventricular outflow tract diameter, mm22.0±2.121.7±1.7523.3±2.80.002
Systemic arterial compliance, mL/mm Hg/m²0.73±0.230.67±0.170.98±0.29<0.0001
Valvuloarterial impedance, mm Hg/mL/m²3.86±0.723.94±0.713.53±0.700.002
Stroke volume, mL78.3±14.577.4±13.181.7±18.90.10
Stroke volume index, mL/m²41.8±6.941.2±6.244.2±9.00.02
Peak aortic jet velocity, cm/s300±55295±52319±590.01
Mean transvalvular gradient, mm Hg21.1±8.720.2±7.924.9±10.60.002
Aortic valve area, cm²1.12±0.281.13±0.271.11±0.300.79
Indexed aortic valve area, cm²/m²0.60±0.130.60±0.130.60±0.140.94
Left ventricular ejection fraction, %65±565±565±40.94
MDCT data
Aortic valve calcification, AU949 (452–1593)975 (580–1591)672 (22–1604)0.08
Aortic valve calcification density, AU/cm²256 (132–416)269 (158–435)170 (5–345)0.01
  • Significant p values are highlighted in bold.

  • AU, arbitrary units; BAV, bicuspid aortic valve; MDCT, multidetector CT; TAV, tricuspid aortic valve.