Table 4

Obstetrical and neonatal events

Obstetrical complicationsn
Premature rupture of membranes1
Preterm labour3
Abruptio placentae2
Postpartum haemorrhage4
Diabetes mellitus or infection or gravid hypertension0
Fetal/neonatal complicationsn
Live births18 (64%)
Birth weight (g), mean±SD1717±487
 Intrauterine fetal death or stillbirth0
 Neonatal death0
Prematurity (birth <37 WG)14 (78%)
 33–36+6 WG8
 28–32+6 WG6
 22–27+6 WG0
Recurrence of CHD2 (11%)
  • CHD, congenital heart disease; SGA, small for gestational age; WG, weeks of gestation.