Table 1

Animal weights and CMR characterisation

Sham,rTOF,p Value
Animal weights
Body weight (kg)48±661±110.07
BSA (m2)0.93±0.071.05±0.050.02
Heart weight/BSA (g/m2)202±14283±210.01
RV weight/BSA (g/m2)78±4133±160.02
CMR characterisation
Heart rate (beats/min)117±1598±120.09
PRF (%)09±70.03
RV-ESVi (mL/m2)37±6122±19<0.001
RV-EDVi (mL/m2)75±5179±420.002
RV-SVi (mL/m2)39±1057±240.14
RVEF (%)51±1131±60.03
LVEF (%)54±761±90.26
  • Data were obtained 23±1 weeks postsurgery. Values are means±SD.

  • BSA, body surface area; CMR, cardiac magnetic resonance; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; PRF, pulmonary regurgitation fraction; rTOF, repaired tetralogy of Fallot; RV, right ventricular; RV-EDVi, right ventricular end-diastolic volume indexed to BSA; RVEF, right ventricular ejection fraction; RV-ESVi, right ventricular end-systolic volume indexed to BSA; RV-SVi, right ventricular stroke volume indexed to BSA.