Table 1

Demographics, disease characteristics at baseline and aetiology of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in 22 patients undergoing oscillatory whole-body vibration (WBV) in the ‘WBV only’ and ‘Control-WBV’ (initial control, subsequent WBV) groups

WBV only (n=11)Control-WBV (n=11)All (n=22)p Value (A vs B)
Patient demographics
 Age, mean (range)65.1±5.0 (27–83)46.0±3.7 (27–65)55.6±3.7 (27–83)0.006
 Mean age at diagnosis62.0±5.643.4±4.052.7±3.90.009
 Disease duration (years)2.6±0.63.1±0.82.8±0.70.809
 Female/male (n, %)7(64)/4(36)6(55)/5(45)13(59)/9(41)1.000
 BMI (kg/cm2)24.8±1.126.4±2.025.6±1.10.562
Disease characteristics
 WHO-FC II (n, %)6 (55)7 (64)13 (59)1.000
 WHO-FC III (n, %)5 (45)4 (36)9 (41)1.000
 6MWD (m)398.5±26.2456.9±13.6427.7±15.80.067
 Borg score3.5±0.53.3±0.53.4±0.30.264
 FEV1 (% pred.)84.8±3.581.2±5.583.0±3.20.811
 FVC (% pred.)89.9±3.486.5±4.288.2±2.70.699
Aetiology of PAH
 Idiopathic PAH (n, %)7 (64)7 (64)14 (64)1.000
 PAH associated with:
  CTD (n,%)4 (36)2 (18)6 (27)1.000
  Other (n,%)2 (18)2 (9)1.000
  • Values represent numbers of patients (n, %) or mean values±SD.

  • BMI, body mass index; CTD: Connective tissue disease; FVC, functional vital capacity; 6MWD, 6-min walking distance; SD, standard deviation; WHO-FC, WHO functional class.