Table 3

Impact of whole-body vibration (WBV) on health-related quality of life (HRQoL)

BL 1BL 2EOTp Value (BL 1 vs EOT)p Value (BL 2 vs EOT)
WBV only
 Total score56.8±4.864.2±6.40.061
 Physical dimension score50.7±3.356.1±6.20.326
 Emotional dimension score59.8±6.567.4±6.60.016
 Total score52.5±4.857.4±3.869.2±3.30.008
Physical dimension score48.8±3.353.4±3.561.8±3.60.057
Emotional dimension score52.3±5.455.6±4.369.3±3.50.001
BLEOTp Value (BL vs EOT)
 Total score54.7±3.366.7±3.60.001
 Physical dimension score49.8±2.359.0±3.50.014
 Emotional dimension score56.0±4.268.3±3.7<0.0001
  • SF-36 (100 point scale). Shown are the total SF-36 score, physical dimension score, and mental dimension score at baseline (BL) and end of treatment (EOT) in the ‘WBV only’ and ‘Control-WBV’ groups (n=11 each), and in the whole cohort (n=22) after 4 weeks of WBV versus BL.