Table 2

Differences in key gas exchange parameters between patients without PAH (group A), patients with PAH (group B) and patients with postcapillary PAH (group C)

GroupPeak VO2 (mL/min/kg)AT (mL/min/kg)Peak O2 pulse (mL/beat)VE/VCO2@AT (no unit)Nadir VE/VCO2 (no unit)PETCO2 @AT (mm Hg)Peak PETCO2 (mm Hg)PETCO2 difference peak–start (mm Hg)
(1) No PAH17.5±4.711.0±2.39.0±2.232.4±5.430.9±5.035.0±4.736.2±4.72.8±3.0
(2) PAH11.0±2.9*8.0±2.2*6.8±1.9*44.7±12.2*43.0±10.5*26.8±7.1*27.7±6.7*−0.5±2.7*
(3) Postcapillary PH13.9±3.1†‡10.1±1.9†7.7±1.836.5±5.4†‡35.5±5.6†‡32.6±6.6†33.3±5.7†1.8±3.2‡
  • Values are presented as group mean±SD.

  • *p<0.001 group A vs group B.

  • †p<0.05 group B vs group C.

  • ‡p<0.05 group A vs group C.

  • PAH, pulmonary arterial hypertension; PH, pulmonary hypertension.