Table 2

ORs for gender for baseline prevalence and 1-year incidence for treatments to restore sinus rhythm

Treatment Baseline One-Year follow-up
Women Men Women vs men Women Men Women vs men
N % N % OR 95% CI N % N % OR 95% CI
Pharmacological cardioversion51120.271618.61.24(1.08 to 1.41)1325.41804.81.25(0.99 to 1.59)
Electrical cardioversion37914.979520.60.78(0.68 to 0.90)1445.93298.80.82(0.67 to 1.01)
Ablation (pulmonary vein isolation)843.32436.30.72(0.56 to 0.94)682.81704.50.88(0.66 to 1.19)
Surgical therapy for atrial fibrillation100.4360.90.45(0.22 to 0.93)60.2190.50.52(0.20 to 1.31)
  • ORs are age and country adjusted.