Table 3

Patient characteristics per cohort and adherence rates in the 18 months previous to the cost-sharing change

Control groupIntervention groups
CharacteristicsLow-income working populationPensionersMiddle-income to high-income working population
Number of patients18398715639
Average age51.071.351.3
% Females16.232.410.7
% Acute myocardial infarction84.173.485.1
Average time from the event occurred (days)702717709
Average weekly adherence rates before the cost sharing change (%)*
Antiplatelet84.2 (1609)94.0 (7632)86.9 (533)
Beta-blockers88.5 (1543)94.9 (6943)90.4 (547)
ACEI/ARB90.7 (1349)95.1 (7198)92.0 (458)
Statins83.2 (1748)94.2 (7970)86.9 (611)
  • *The number of patients on treatment with each therapeutic group is shown in parentheses. Patients on treatment are defined as those patients receiving one prescription within 3 months from the ACS event.

  • ACEI, ACE inhibitor; ACS, acute coronary syndrome; ARB, angiotensin II receptor blocker.