Table 3

Associations of 12-month outcomes with long-term mortality

Unadjusted Age adjusted
HR 95% CI p Value HR 95% CI p Value
Return to work (n=516*)0.170.04 to 0.680.0120.210.05 to 0.840.028
GOSE (n=1021)
 Upper good recoveryRefRef
 Lower good recovery1.460.68 to to 2.670.6
 Upper moderate disability1.520.64 to 3.590.31.610.68 to 3.800.3
 Lower moderate disability0.840.23 to to 4.060.9
 Upper severe disability4.801.99 to 11.56<0.0013.121.28 to 7.640.013
 Lower severe disability / Vegetative state4.271.89 to 9.63<0.0012.431.05 to 5.620.038
SF-6D (per 0.1 point increase) (n=783)0.780.62 to 0.970.0280.820.65 to 1.050.11
SF-12 MCS (per 1 point increase) (n=785)1.030.99 to to 1.210.09
SF-12 PCS (per 1 point increase) (n=785)0.950.93 to 0.98<0.0010.970.94 to 1.000.046
EQ-5D (n=1014)
 Continuous variable (per 0.1 point increase)0.860.80 to 0.92<0.0010.930.85 to 1.030.16
 Binary variable-0.450.20 to 0.990.048
  • *Includes only patients working prior to arrest.

  • EQ-5D, EuroQol-5D; GOSE, Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended; MCS, mental component summary; PCS, physical component summary; SF-12, 12 Item Short Form Health Survey.