Heart failure
Subjects included in analysis*No ED treatment
(n=40 144)
ED treatment
Number of events (%)2403 (6.0)41 (1.4)
Incidence rate (cases/100 person-years)1.86 (1.78 to 1.93)0.54 (0.40 to0.73)
Unadjusted, HR (95% CI)Referent0.44 (0.32 to 0.60)
Adjusted for age, HR (95% CI)Referent0.55 (0.40 to 0.75)
Multivariable adjusted†, HR (95% CI)Referent0.60 (0.44 to 0.82)
  • * Numbers do not sum up to group total since subjects can be included in the No ED treatment category initially and later change to the ED treatment category. †Adjusted for all variables in table 1, except for medication started the first 6 months following the event which was adjusted for as a time-dependent variable.