Table 1

Examples of patient-reported health status measures

Clinical conditionInstrumentNo of Items in questionnaire and domains coveredTime frame represented
Coronary artery disease
MacNew Heart Disease Health-related Quality of Life50 27 items with 3 domains: physical limitations, emotional function social functionPrevious 2 weeks
SAQ-751 7 items with 3 domains: physical limitations, angina frequency, quality of lifePrevious 4 weeks
Atrial fibrillation
AF-QoL52 53 18 items with 3 domains: psychological, physical and sexual activityPrevious month
AFEQT Questionnaire54 20 items with 4 domains: symptoms, daily activities, treatment concern and treatment satisfactionPrevious 4 weeks
Heart failure
MLHFQ55 21 items with 3 domains: physical, emotional and overall quality of lifePrevious 4 weeks
KCCQ-1256 12 items with 3 domains: symptom frequency, physical and social limitations and quality-of-life impairmentPrevious 4 weeks
Peripheral artery disease
PAQ57 20 items with 5 domains: physical limitations, symptoms, social function, treatment satisfaction and quality of lifePrevious 4 weeks
VascuQoL-658 6 items with 5 domains: pain, symptoms, activities, social and emotionalPrevious 2 weeks
Short Form-Stroke Impact Scale 3.059 16 items with 8 domains: strength, hand function, activities of daily living/instrumental activities of daily living, mobility, communication, emotion, memory and thinking and participationPrevious week
Stroke-Specific Quality of Life Scale-1260 12 items with 12 domains:, social role, mobility, energy, language, self-care, mood, personality, thinking, upper extremity function, family role, vision and work/productivityPrevious week
  • AFEQT, Atrial Fibrillation Effect on Quality of Life; MLHFQ, Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire; PAQ, Peripheral Artery Questionnaire; VascuQoL-6, Vascular Quality of Life Questionnaire-6: SAQ-7 = Seattle Angina Questionnaire-7AF-QoL = Atrial Fibrillation Quality of LifeKCCQ-12 = Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire-12