Table 2

Independent preoperative predictors of mortality in infective endocarditis by logistic regression analysis and the deriving scoring system for mortality prediction after cardiac surgery (RISK-E score)

β coefficientsSEp ValueScore
Age (years)
  61 (14)0.9160.3700.0109
  65 (13)1.3360.367<0.00113
Prosthetic endocarditis0.6450.2390.0076
Virulent microorganism*0.9030.3920.0209
Septic shock0.7020.3500.0417
Thrombocytopaenia†  0.6550.2410.0067
Acute renal insufficiency0.5420.2330.0225
Cardiogenic shock1.4860.275<0.00115
Periannular complications‡0.5410.2380.0205
  • *Staphylococcus aureus or fungi.

  • †Thrombocytopaenia (<1 50 000 platelets/mm3).

  • ‡Presence of abscess, pseudoaneurysm, fistula or prosthetic dehiscence.