Table 2

Associations of patient characteristics with major infection and univariate logistic regression models for major infection

Patient characteristicsNumber of casesNumber of infectionsInfection ratep ValueOR*95% CIp Value
Time period<0.001
 Transition1023231.4%1.10.7 to 1.70.78
 Post-IQIC28531.1%0.030.01 to 0.08<0.001
Age category<0.001
 ≤30 days431534.9%3.11.6 to 6.2<0.001
 31 days to <1 year1975326.9%2.11.4 to 3.2<0.001
 1 to <18 years4096014.7%1
 ≥18 years7168.5%0.50.2 to 1.30.17
 Malnourished2886522.6%1.6†1.1 to 2.40.01
Major chromosomal abnormality0.10
 Yes24833.3%2.20.9 to 5.30.07
Major non-cardiac structural anomaly1
Major medical illness1
Oxygen saturation <85%0.001
 Yes1644527.4%2.11.4 to 3.2<0.001
RACHS-1 risk category0.02
 24397817.8%1.50.8 to 2.60.20
 31493926.2%2.4‡1.23 to 4.5‡0.008‡
  • *Univariate logistic regression models on variables with p≤0.10.

  • †Malnourished and emaciated cases are combined for analysis.

  • ‡Risk categories 3 and 4 are combined for analysis.

  • IQIC, International Quality Improvement Collaborative; RACHS, Risk Adjustment for Congenital Heart Surgery.