Table 3

The extent of similarity between working and final diagnoses

Working and final diagnoses compared Frequency Percentage
Equal 11842.0
Working and final diagnoses non-life-threatening104
Working and final diagnoses life-threatening14
Minor difference 7526.7
Working and final diagnoses non-life-threatening70
Working and final diagnoses life-threatening5
Major difference 6523.1
(Life-threatening) cardiovascular diagnosis suspected, final diagnosis mild41
Working and final diagnoses non-life-threatening21
Working and final diagnoses life threatening1
Non-life-threatening disease suspected, final diagnosis life-threatening cardiovascular diagnosis2
Missing working or final diagnoses 238.2
Total 281 100
  • Working diagnosis was the GP’s diagnosis at initial assessment, final diagnosis is the diagnosis after at least 30 days of follow-up, based on the clinical picture and, when appropriate, additional tests and specialists’ correspondence. Terminology: ‘Equal’: same ICPC-code for working and final diagnose. ‘Minor and major difference’: ICPC-code not equal, without respectively with diagnostic consequences. In slightly more than one out of five cases (23.1%), working and final diagnoses differed notably.

  • ICPC, international classification of primary care; GP, general practitioner.